The future of my cheerleading career

Dylan Newcomer and Hanna Etienne are pursuing their cheerleading careers.

Dylan Newcomer and Hanna Etienne

Dylan Newcomer and Hanna Etienne

Dylan Newcomer and Hanna Etienne

Isaac Walton and Rylie Horrall

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What college team did you tryout for?

Dylan: George Fox University.

Hanna: Linfield College.


What was involved in the tryouts? What did you have to do?

D: For the most part, we just had to do a routine that we were provided, and we spent a lot of time getting to know each other, [you know,] getting a feel for what it might be like to be a team.

H: For tryouts we learned three cheers and then [we] learned a dance [that we went over] for a couple days and then kinda [worked on stunting to see where everyone was at and what level they were].


Why did you decide to tryout?

D: Part of it was to help boost my confidence. I felt [kind of out of it a lot of the time], but [I] originally just wanted to do something athletic, and I had [time] on my hands, so I figured that would be the best thing for me to do.

H: I am passionate about cheering and I thought about it, and just felt like I would regret it if I didn’t at least try to continue cheering [since] the school I’m going to [has] a cheer team.


How did you feel beforehand? What about after tryouts were over? 

D: Before the tryout, I was pretty nervous. I definitely felt like it was a big step, but afterwards, I felt like I had done the best I could. [Whatever] happened, it didn’t matter because I knew I did what I could.

H: Before the tryouts, I was nervous because [well it’s a pretty nerve wracking experience] and afterwards I felt pretty okay. I thought I did the best I could and when I found out I made it, I was really excited.


How long did it take to find out results?

D: About a day, they didn’t take very long to get back.

H: I think it was about two or three hours after we were done with tryouts that the coach emailed us.


How did it compare to trying out for a high school team? What was the environment like?

D: In a lot of ways, it was similar in the sense of [having that same] familiarity [of getting] to know these people [here with you,] but it was different [because] it was such a higher level and there were a lot of different expectations.

H: [The] environment was kinda similar because all the girls were really nice and helpful if you [needed] anything. The material was definitely different [because] you’re at a more advanced level. It [seemed much] easier but it [doesn’t mean that]  high school is any easier.


What do you hope to accomplish and achieve on the cheer team?

D: [To be part of] a hardworking team and to achieve all sorts of stunts.

H: I hope to build and improve all of my skills I gained during high school, [and to] make some great friends I can always talk to during my time at Linfield.


Updated on May 1.

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The future of my cheerleading career