The purpose of J-Term

Isaac Walton, Reporter

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Students of Scappoose High attend J-Term twice a year through a process called arena forecasting.  Most students believe J-Term is joke-term, that it is a waste of time and that its only purpose is remediation. After a recent survey, 29 students at random have polled that they think J-Term is considered a good idea. However most of these students said the forecasting system was flawed and prohibited them from getting the classes they wanted. Students who experienced this believed that the reason was because J-Term was just a chance for remediation. 

This is a common misconception about J-Term, given that it isn’t just a chance for remediation, it is actually an alternative method of acquiring credits as opposed to the old schedule format which consisted of eight periods a day. 

 “The base minimum of minutes per class was around 50 minutes a day, and with eight periods at a time [all of which under that time limit] that didn’t allow the teachers to see their students long enough during each period,” said Mrs. Steinke, the orchestra-tor of J-Term . “There were actually over 500 missed credits due to this schedule format.” 

In order to give students enough credits for the school year, J-Term was created as an alternative. “Only having six periods a day for two semesters only gives kids 24 credit to graduate. That [literally] gives kids the lowest amount of necessary credits with the required educational experience that is needed. We wanted our students to have more opportunities with electives,” said Mrs. Steinke.

J-Term is designed to give students their elective courses, but in isolation from their core credits so that way they can focus on their core classes throughout the year. 

“In the event that students don’t do well in those core classes, not only do we offer elective courses but we can also give kids more instructional time,” says Mrs. Steinke. The credit recovery system of J-Term is not the intended purpose, but more accurately a convenience for those who need it. 




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The purpose of J-Term