Softball clinches Cowapa League

After a 25-1 victory against Tillamook, softball has won the Cowapa League and clinched a playoff position.

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Softball clinches Cowapa League

Jaden Wardwell, Reporter

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At 21-3, softball has clinched the Cowapa League championship. Ranked #7 in the state, they have now solidified a spot in playoffs.

Their first playoff opponent is currently unknown, but success over their final two games will help them obtain a higher seeded position, therefore playing against a lower seeded opponent.

Over their last six games they have outscored opponents 78-8, with a run differential of 9.75. “I think we have just had a great stretch of hitting. We’ve been at the top of our game lately and we have had some big hits and big innings. I can’t really explain the key to the success besides saying we are just hot right now. On senior night we had a 24 point victory, so when we hit the ball like that it definitely gives us momentum going into the playoffs,” said Senior infielder Hadley Enos about the teams recent success.

Playing every game as well as the team has all season is difficult to achieve. It is even more difficult when the playoffs come around, and the opponents get tougher. Junior infielder Sara Mills thinks her team is ready to take on the challenge.

“We just need to make sure to stay loud and have the whole team tuned in to the games. Communication is key,” she said. “We want to go as far as we can. This is a great team and I think we can go as far as we make ourselves go. We just need to play Scappoose ball like we have all season, and the momentum should stay with us.”

In their final two games against Seaside and Dayton, wins are key in attaining a higher seed. In 4a, Junction City, LaGrande and Henley are also on winning streaks right now, making it a very competitive class to be in. As the team looks forward to the postseason, every game remaining counts. For more stats and info, visit