Doernbecher fundraising surpasses goal

Funds raised for Doernbecher Children's Hospital surpass expectations.

Isaac Walton, Reporter

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Earlier this month from April 26th to May 4th, the week long fundraising event for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital concluded. The results broke our annual goal of $20,000 by $11,070, coming to a total of $31,070.

Maxwell White, Dj Backus, Natalie Kenoyer, and Karina Delgado were all invited to the Candle Light Ceremony at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital on Friday, May 11th for their large contribution to the Doernbecher event. During this event students from all over Oregon and Southwest Washington came together to celebrate their accomplishments.

Each of the weekly events brought in massive amounts of participation, with Doernbecher Courtchella reps bringing in the most funds of approximately $13,305.

Some of the popular events were the Doernbecher Carnival and Festival bringing in $2,515, Brian’s relay  raising $2,091, and Game/ Dance night compiling a total of $1,941. As well as events being put on, leadership managed to raise well over $3,000 from Doernbecher T-shirts alone.

Throughout the course of a week, many fundraising events were conducted including dodge ball tournaments, Ixtapa give back night and burgers and bingo.

Those events and the earnings are as follows:

Game/Dance: $1,941

Brian’s Relay: $2,091

Assembly Minute run: $437

Pizza Vendor give back night: $530
Escape room: $270

Car wash: $505

Cosmic Bowling: $216

Ixtapa Give back night: $600

Dodeball Tournament: $57

Burgers and Bingo: $1,532

Night assembly: $53

Doernbecher carnival and festival: $2,515

Doernbecher community Jars: $225

Doernbecher T-shirts: $3,740

Puppy naming: Finely: $88

Save it or shave it: $267

Other school fundraising: $1,017

Doernbecher Reps/ Courtchella: $13,305

Total Scappoose High School Doernbecher Days 2018: $31,070

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Doernbecher fundraising surpasses goal