Freshman Kickstart intake

JiJi Gross, Reporter

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We have all heard of energy drinks one way or another. Whether it was from commercials, friends, parents, siblings, etc. Everybody promotes them as a good drink with great taste. However, that is not the case.  Energy drinks are bad for you, even though they may taste good. One specific energy drink, Mt. Dew Kickstarts, are surprisingly not as bad for you as others. What makes them not as unhealthy as other energy drinks?

The majority of students drinking Kickstarts here at SHS are freshmen. In a survey, it was found that the majority of freshmen get the drinks from vending machines at school. The freshmen surveyed said that they have 0-1 drinks a day, but even that amount on a regular basis could result in a decline in health. The drinks in SHS vending machines, Hydrating Boost Kickstarts, contain 10% juice as well as coconut water. They have just 60 calories per can by using sweeteners Ace-k and Sucralose. They are not great for you, but are still better than some. A regular Kickstart has 5% fruit juice with artificial sweeteners used to reduce the amount of sugar in the beverage. A 16 oz. can contains 92 mg of caffeine.

One Kickstart is better than the other, however, you should be careful with what you drink. Try checking the ingredients once in awhile, because you never know if there could be an ingredient that could cause a decline in your health, even if it does not occur right away. In general no energy drink is healthy for you.


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Freshman Kickstart intake