Indians Tame the Lions in 7-Mile War

Friday, the football team took on the St. Helens Lions in the 7-mile war, winning 49-25.

Photo courtesy the Columbia County Spotlight

John Brewington

Photo courtesy the Columbia County Spotlight

Jaden Wardwell and Ian Johnson

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Scappoose football’s high powered offense pushed them past their rival St. Helens Lions in a 49-25 victory Friday.

The first play of the game, quarterback Jakobi Kessi threw a pass intercepted by Isaiah Bettencourt for a 45-yard touchdown. Unfortunately for the Lions, this would be some of the only success they had all night.

Kessi made up for the early mistake, rushing for 3 first-half touchdowns. This helped the Indians storm out with a 36-7 lead.

“The win definitely helped us bounce back from the loss to Pendleton, it really gives us a boost going forward, and I think we can beat Wilsonville. We were trying to pound the ball down their throats, we know we are a really good running team and we have been good at handing it to different people all year,” said Kessi.

Another highlight for the Indians was running back Connor McNabb. In addition to a 75-yard kick return for a touchdown, he rushed for 139 yards on 12 carries with two touchdowns.

“The win and especially the way we ran the ball gives us the juice we need going into the game against Wilsonville,” said senior left tackle Liam McMullen.

The strong rushing attack led the Indians to a 42-7 lead midway through the 3rd quarter.

During the rest of the game, seemingly garbage time, the Lions got in the end zone 3 times. 2 of those being on passes by quarterback Leif Nelson, and one coming on a rushing touchdown by Bettencourt.

Piling up a total of 430 yards, the Indian offense was a force to be reckoned with, as well as the defense which held the Lions to 258.

Part of the offensive success was the offensive line, dubbed “The Fearsome Five-some,” led by senior right tackle Terrence Lewis.

“We game plan really well every week, probably better than any other team in the state. I feel like we stopped their running game really well. The 3 interceptions helped a lot as well, just creating opportunity,” he said.

Quincy Cleveland, the big back for the Indians, thought very highly of his teams rushing attack.

“We ran the ball down their throats,” he said.

Bouncing back with a big win Friday, the Tribe looks ahead to the tall task of Wilsonville this Friday. So far this season, the Wildcats have put up a perfect 5-0 record, outscoring teams by an average of 53-17. These numbers have put Wilsonville at the #1 spot among the other 5A schools.

“We know they’re good, and that we are the underdogs, but it will be cool to play up to their level,” said McMullen.

“We have a chance to be giant slayers,” said junior guard, and fan favorite Tommy Mckedy.

The win puts the Indians at 3-1, good enough for second in the league and 8th in the state.

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