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There is always chatter of "The Alternative School," and it is time that more of its details are uncovered.

Anthony George: Teacher and Mardi Erickson: Columbia County Site Director.

Anthony George: Teacher and Mardi Erickson: Columbia County Site Director.

Anthony George: Teacher and Mardi Erickson: Columbia County Site Director.

Sarah Rosenthal and Aaron Cohn

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At the end of S-Hall sits what is known as “The Alternative School,” or the Scappoose branch of Oregon Outreach Inc., a specialized academic support program that educates classes of ten students at a time so they can make up credits and graduate on time.

A student is never forced to go the alternative school, however, their counselor can suggest it to them. Potential students must first fill out an application.  They are then accepted on a needs basis, in terms of grade, and the number of credits they need to make up.

The OOI program has two different class times: one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Brad McKedy says “Their hours are more flexible. For instance they can start work at 2 o’clock.”

Mr. George, the core subject teacher at OOI of Scappoose states “My class has 10 students so if they need help with something I have time to help them.” Unlike a traditional high school, the classrooms are much smaller. These smaller classes eliminate distractions and constitute a stronger learning environment for those who need it. Along with smaller class sizes, students are required to check their phones into the “Mobile Phone Park” at the begging of the day.

Although OOI is not a part of Scappoose High, students attending can still enjoy the vast number of clubs Scappoose has to offer. They can even walk with Scappoose High Students at graduation. The State of Oregon helps fund OOI, however Scappoose still pays a small additional fee.

“OOI costs a little more than what state funding pays. They charge a daily rate which changes every year so it costs a little more meaning we pay any additional fees through grant money,” explains McKedy.

This avenue of education is an asset for many Scappoose School District students, assisting in their learning and helping them graduate on time.

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