Matt Humphreys Takes Over Boys Basketball

The basketball team has hired a new coach, Matt Humphreys, who looks to turn the program around.

Photo credits to Columbia County Spotlight

Photo credits to Columbia County Spotlight

Ian Johnson

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As the weather starts to get colder and the rain continues to fall, basketball players are eager to get back on the court and start preparing for the new season. For the boy’s basketball program, they will be trying to impress a new coach this year, as Matt Humphreys comes to town to take the keys of the program.

Humphreys has an extensive coaching background, as his journey coaching boys basketball began back in 1999. His first task as a coach was nothing short of unique.

“My first job as a coach was to take a 7 footer who was committed to San Diego State and be the assistant coach that just beat up on a big post player,” said Humphreys. “It’s been a fun, long journey and I’ve learned a lot on the way.”

Coaching both boys and girls in California as well as Oregon, Humphreys has seen a lot and had to plan for all different kinds of teams. Coaching both as a head coach and an assistant, he has had multiple responsibilities on teams and is ready for the task at hand, as the Indians make the leap to 5A-1 Northwest Oregon Conference this upcoming season.

With a new group of young men in front of him and a variety of talents to bring to the court, Humphreys is looking to just start fresh.

“I try to come in with a blank slate and see where everyone is at and just build from there,” he said.

Every coach wants on the court success, but to Humphreys off the court is just as important for him. He is hoping to teach more than just a jump shot or a chest pass.

“Basketball aside, the core values I am trying to teach are important too. I want to have the kids know what it means to be coachable, I want them to know what it means to be the best versions of themselves, and I want them to focus on how they approach their habits,” says Humphreys. “Show me your habits and I’ll show you your future. That idea will be really important for our program. If we want to have any success, however, we measure success, it’ll be based on our habits.”

Humphreys and the Indians will take the court for tryouts in the middle of November, beginning preparation for the season opener on the 28th of that month.