Dungeons & Dragons Club

A J-Term class about Dungeons & Dragons inspired students to create a club revolving around the role playing game.

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Dungeons & Dragons Club

Mikala Leshley, Reporter

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You head down a pathway to the local blacksmith stand, when you see a half-orc half goblin, looking at the goods that are offered there. What do you do? Do you start a conversation? Ask them to join you on a quest? Talk about the latest treasures? In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, the answer is up to you. 

The club starts right after school in Mr. Backus’ room. It is lit by small decoration lights, and an acoustic guitar plays. You can find a variety of people sitting, looking to the dungeon master in anticipation, ready to continue the game. There are all different types of people who are all brought together by playing Dungeons & Dragons.

D&D was offered as a J-Term class last winter and spring by Ms. Edge, “I started brainstorming ideas for J Term classes, I asked myself what kind of classes would I the first J term, I filled two classes with D & D players and in the second J term, I filled two more classes and had to turn people away. That’s when I realized that D & D should be a club.”

In this game, you choose who you want to be, which can be chosen from a wide variety of races and classes. You then join a group of people to embark on an adventure with. All of which is lead by the dungeon master. The dungeon master is the person who provides the storyline for you to follow. Once your turn awaits, the story goes where ever you wish to lead it.

This game of creatures and never-ending adventure can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you come from off the football field, or from the auditorium stage, Dungeons and Dragons is a place where students can let go of their normal lives to create something together.

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Dungeons & Dragons Club