Volleyball: Season Recap

As they made the jump to 5A, the Indians had some solid success as well as areas for improvement heading forward.

Ian Johnson, Reporter

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After a season with lots of ups and downs, the volleyball team has had some time to digest their season in full. The Indians finished their inaugural 5A season with a record of 9 wins and 12 losses, including a league record of 6-8. Barely missing out on the playoffs this season is a disappointment for players this year but allows the returners to have a goal for next season to work towards.

One of the battles the players had to deal with was a mid-season coaching change. That could not be an easy task for either the players or the coach. Luckily, the new coach knew a thing or two about coaching volleyball. Mark Sprenger, a long time math teacher and volleyball coach at Scappoose, is a familiar face on the bench and knew a lot of the players on the team from coaching the year prior. He did have some unfamiliar faces to learn as well, just trying to use his passion and knowledge of the game for everyone to utilize.

“I had to start at the very, very beginning. There were a lot of things that weren’t being done the way I would have done them, including different offenses and defenses. Not only did I have to focus on the Varsity team, but I had to work with JV and JV2 as well,” said Sprenger. “Going forward, fundamentals are going to be heavily stressed, along with the importance of growth as a player in the offseason.”

One of the players who really grew into herself and took significant strides as a player was junior outside hitter Darci DeTroy. Playing volleyball year round has prepared her for having a big role on a team with only four seniors, almost becoming known by the home crowd for her thunderous lefty spikes.

“One of the best things we did was rely on our teammates and create a bond. The coaching change was abrupt, but we had each other to get through it and remember that volleyball was our number one priority,” DeTroy recalled. “For next year, we need to rebuild the team and all be ready for the bright lights. The other teams don’t care if we are ready or not, so we just need to do everything we can to be ready.”

As teams look to build upon the success and grow year by year, the returning players have a responsibility to know what their strengths and weaknesses are. Each game, teams can have different game plans, positioning, lineups, and strategies. Working towards improvement will allow you to be ready whatever the opposing team may throw at you.

“A big focus for us will be focusing on staying positive. The seniors we lost were all very good players, so we know there will be games we miss their impact. It will just be up to us to keep playing our absolute hardest, whether we win or lose,” said junior returner Angelina Seberger.

Senior Charlotte Feige, who played setter, was a varsity player all four years of high school. Having played with many different teammates and being at the highest stage of play in every game, she had a lot of memories to reflect on.

“Going to state my junior year has to be up near the top. That was such an amazing achievement and we played with a lot of heart. Another awesome game was beating Banks last year for the first time in ten years. Lastly, the bus rides, the team dinners, and the bond we were able to create and pick back up on year after year. I won’t ever forget what volleyball did for me,” Feige explained.

The volleyball program graduates Feige, as well as outside hitter Shaylan Smith, setter Sara Mills, and libero Riley Nuss, all after having impactful years with the team. That leaves the team in the hands of the eleven returners, as well as the newcomers that join them for next season.

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