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SHS teacher, Ms. Adams, sacrifices sleep for her up and coming novel.

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Ms. Adams, a preschool teacher here at SHS, began writing a novel this past summer.

The idea came about from her husband when he asked her to reimagine the story of the Greek goddess Persephone in a more modern way. Persephone is the Greek goddess of Spring and the wife of Hades, lord of the underworld. The two married after Hades fell in love with her and kidnapped her.  Ms. Adams’ story is imagining Persephone going to the underworld of her own free will and taking the realm for her own.

“My husband is really into Greek mythology… He was looking through memes on Pinterest,” Adams says. “He found the writing prompt that asked the question of ‘what if Persephone wasn’t the victim?’” That’s when Ms. Adams got the idea for her novel. She started writing it this summer and hopes to get the first draft done when she reaches a word count of around 80,000.

Her favorite place to write is on a camping trip or sitting at the kitchen table. She prefers listening to calming nature sounds while writing. “It’s very therapeutic to sit down and get your thoughts out on paper, whether that be through writing or art.”

Ms. Adams has sacrificed some previous hobbies to start writing. Knitting and guitar lessons sit aside, and she wakes up early every morning to achieve her set word count of 1,500 a day. “To build a habit, you have to be really conscious of actually building it and try even when you don’t feel like it.”

Upon reaching the finish, she plans to either consider publishing or keeping the novel for family and friends.

If you are interested, here is the synopsis to her story:

“The tale of Persephone is an old one; a young woman gets kidnapped from a field of flowers and is forced into marriage by Hades. She is only allowed to visit her family at the end of every winter, awakening the Spring. But, what if it didn’t happen this way at all? In this modern re-telling, Persephone is a middle-aged grieving widow named Kora. She has fallen into depression over her husband’s sudden death but finds solace in the mythological idea of the Underworld. Finding a way to reach it, she discovers a real place which is wondrous and steeped in magic. Contrary to popular mythology, it is a world full of beauty and light, where pomegranate orchards grow under the watchful eye of an unlikely gardener and his clumsy three-headed beagle. In this world, the dead work as they did when they were living and the five rivers of the Underworld are places of commerce and rich in cultural exchange. However, the Underworld has been divided politically and there are enemies working against the peaceful operations of the dead. Kora decides she wants this world for her own and is willing to fight for it. Who is going to stop her? Are the demons in her way part of the Underworld or among the living she left behind?”