Teachers of Scappoose Continue Their Education

Teachers attend conferences and take classes in order to update their teaching methods.

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Teachers of Scappoose Continue Their Education

Kaitlin Wood, Reporter

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To most students, there is no reason to investigate a “no-school” day. However, commonly, these days are spent with the teachers at Scappoose High School continuing their education.

Every teacher at SHS has a license for the subject and grade level they can teach. These licenses need to be renewed once every few years in order to maintain their teaching license. Their Licence is renewed by having a certain amount of college credits and professional development units.

Teachers complete these requirements by taking online courses and attending conferences. Often, this work is completed after school and during the summer, however, occasionally, the school district will provide days for teachers to work on their courses.

The teachers at SHS agree that their classes and conferences have helped improve their teaching methods.

“I got my bachelor’s degree in education back in 2006 and a lot of the things I was taught are now irrelevant or they have to definitely be mutated,” said Ms. Gonzales.

If we’re trying to promote lifelong learning then we should be lifelong learners too.”

— Mr. Jones

All of the classes and conferences are paid for by the Scappoose School district. The money to cover these costs is brought in through federal grants and the districts general fund.

A grant, known as Title IIA, provides $12,000 per teacher. On the other hand, the general district fund provides up to $50,000 per teacher– totaling in an average of $62,000.

In addition to those funds, the district will also receive grants for specific conferences such as AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), RTI (Response to Intervention), or Trauma-informed care.

Last year the school district spent $152,609.25 from the general fund, another $38,000 was also used from Title IIA. In total, last year the school district spent $190,609.25 on professional development for Scappoose teachers.

Continuing education, also known as professional development has provided the teachers of SHS with an opportunity to continue to learn and grow their teaching methods in the classroom.