Boys Cross Country Takes on the State Meet

Scappoose Boys Cross Country Ran in the State Meet and Did Unexpectedly Well

The Boy's Cross Country Team after the race

The Boy's Cross Country Team after the race

Emma Kessi

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Moments after the gun goes off at Lane Community College for the 5a boys State Cross Country race, a frenzy ensues. Family and friends shout encouragement, coaches yell out last minute instructions, the announcer broadcasts the ranks as the boys sprint from the starting line towards the first turn, up a narrow steep hill. As the competitors speed out of sight, spectators old and young alike scramble to find the best place to watch the race.

“During the race I usually think about the food I will have after which is usually a McChicken” said freshman Rowen Suchoski, “Food after I finish is the main goal, then I think about passing competitors and doing well in the race.”

As the race goes on, crazed fans continue to run and shout from one vantage point to another before finally all converging together around the track to cheer the final sprint, enthralled with the final kick of the champion and gasp at the dramatic stumble and collapse of  an exhausted runner.

Rowen Suchoski, a freshman at Scappoose High grabs 24th place with a time of 17:06, his twin brother Luke Suchoski is not far behind securing the 36th place with a time of 17:21.

The junior Josh Lull is next taking 64th place with a time of 17:55, followed closely by junior, Gustavo Villalvazo placing 69th running a time of 18:59. After Villalvazo comes Jordan Buchanan snatching 81st place with a time of 18:54 followed by Tristan Hopkins placing 86th running a time of 19:30. Griffin Baron was not able to finish due to an ankle injury sustained during the race.

“For the first time in a long time we had a lot of freshman boys and that created a really deep program for us and also helped us to have a really strong Varsity and JV, even against the big 5a schools. I honestly wasn’t expecting our boys to qualify for state and so it was a really pleasant surprise that they did.” Said head Cross Country coach Kevin Pinkstaff.

The boys cross country team was 11th this year in state. With only one senior graduating the varsity team and lots of new talent coming up from the middle school next years season couldn’t be looking any brighter.