Destiny 2: Where is it Now?

Destiny 2 was released last year and for a short time was free. Where is it now?

Aaron Cohn, Reporter

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Destiny 2 was released on September 7th of 2017, and for a short time, it was free on until November 14th.

It’s only $80 for the DLC which seems like a decent deal, but the basic game price can range from $10-$20, making the DLC not worth its price. I can’t rate the DLC but fellow peers playing on PC, claim “‘Forsaken’ is the only benefit from the DLC.”

Micro-transactions is one of the primary flaws of the Destiny titles. This greatly makes the game harder to play story missions after the main game is finished. However, the game-play of Destiny 2 is fun to play on your own and even better with friends. The progression in the game goes off of a player’s ‘gear’ and ‘level’. Gear determines a power level, which dictates the strength of enemies you can fight. Normal levels are gained through missions and defeating enemies, these levels determine the armor/weapons you can use.

Generally, the game is enjoyable throughout and has multiple hours of gameplay. Aside from the multiplayer campaign, raids, and other various side missions, there is the new game-mode ‘Crucible’. ‘Crucible’ is much like your everyday multiplayer first-person shooter, like Call of Duty, however, n order to play you use the loot from the main game.

Leveling up in the main game feels quick. Usually, by the time the main game is done, you should be at level 20, if you are on track. Once the main game and DLC are over, the game does get extremely boring. If you are the type of gamer who enjoys completing a game’s missions and tasks, then this is a game is for you.

It takes about 20 hours, or longer, to complete the main game with a couple of side missions. I would estimate for the main game and DLC there are a few days of gameplay. For the non-gamer/new gamers, having a game that takes multiple days to complete is great. However, if you only enjoy the main quests, the DLC will be harder to play as you need to work hard for multiple hours.

Personally, I’m loving Destiny 2 and will buy all the DLC’s, that being said I’m giving it an 8/10 rating. It is a bit high of a review, however, the game is fun and brings new gameplay to the table, unlike a lot of other first-person shooters.