SHS, Beware of These Places

Fellow SHS students present captivating responses when asked where they would never want to travel to again.

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SHS, Beware of These Places

Erin Sprecher, Reporter

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A fraction of the SHS student body gives insight to places that they would never want to travel to again.

“My sister’s room. It’s a pigsty, filled with empty dutch bros cups and sadness.” – Anna Glosenger (Freshman)

“My sister’s room, because she is lame.” – Rebekah Glosenger (Senior)

“I don’t want to go anywhere hot and dry again. I’m a frog, I need moisture.” – Kate Peterson (Freshman)

“There isn’t a place I wouldn’t want to travel to again because everywhere I’ve been has created memories.” – Tori Read (Junior)

“I wouldn’t want to go to Disneyland again. I felt it was a waste of money and it wasn’t that much fun. With all the money that you used to go there, you could have saved up for a house, car, horse, or food.” – Kasidy Shay Sleightom (Sophomore)

“Disneyland.” – Karlynn (Freshman)

“School.” – Brennan E. (Freshman)

“San Francisco because I was scared of earthquakes.” – Andrew Darco (Freshman)

“Airport in Las Vegas, it was filthy and a homeless guy wanted my shoes.” – Joshua Peck (Freshman)

“Scappoose Middle School. I HATED MIDDLE SCHOOL TIMES INFINITY.” – Bella (Freshman)

“The closet, nobody likes being there.” – Trinity Stopa (Freshman)

“Jamaica, the hot tub smelt like Burger King and it was very, very hot and humid.” – KP Patterson (Freshman)

“Colorado, the roads are bad.” – Tyler Kulp (Senior)

“Alaska, really boring unless you like to fish or hunt.” – Jenna S. (Freshman)

“Rome because it’s very crowded, dirty, and hot.” – Abby Bates (Freshman)

“St. Helens, because it’s St. Helens.” – Mason Earl (Freshman)

“War Memorials in DC because it was really sad.” – Alivia L. (Freshman)

“Las Vegas, because it’s nasty.” – Kaitlin Dahla (Freshman)

What is one place you wouldn’t want to travel to again? Leave a comment down below!