Survival Guide: J Term Editon

What you need to survive the arena.

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Survival Guide: J Term Editon

Mikala Leshley, Reporter

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It’s that time of the year once again for J Term Scheduling. This event will take place on Wednesday the 5th, and you’ll have to survive the chaotic arena to get the chance to obtain the classes you want.


Here are a few things you’ll need to do:

  • Have your paper in hand- a firm grip on your scheduling card ensures that you will get the classes you want and when you want them. Losing this precious item decreases your chance for fun classes this J Term.
  • Look at the map- Knowing what class you start in and where the teachers are located is required to make it out of this arena chaos alive. Make sure to study the map, or keep it with you once the event begins.
  • Listen to the intercom- it is imperative to keep your ears open for when the announcements are called. These helpful voices will tell you when your class can leave, and when you need to get in the next line.
  • Keep your phones away- Snapchat will be of no use to you in this game. If you keep your phones away, there will be less of a chance for phones to fall out of hands or pockets and them getting lost in the flurry of students.
  • Plan ahead with your friends- we all have those classes that we want to take with our friends. Make sure to plan ahead so you are not lost in confusion, and taking that one class without your BFF.
  • Plan for yourself- if there is a class you really want to take, take it! This is the chance to take classes that are not normally offered during the semester. Trying new things can help refresh your interests and open possibilities for new hobbies.
  • Snack up- eat a snack before heading to your alphabetized starting class. It’s never fun to stand in line with a grumbling stomach.
  • Don’t hesitate- If you find yourself not getting your first-period class choice, don’t worry! As long as you know what your second choice is for that period, as soon as you see that red flag you can make your way to the next class you have picked.
  • Protect yourself in the halls- no one should be pushing or shoving in the hallways, but if you find yourself stuck in a group of people, fight your way through the crowd and keep moving towards your goal. Remember: there are teacher aids in the hallway, and they will catch you if you aren’t following the rules.

May the odds be in favor of all tributes participating in the arena scheduling this year.