Does Arena Scheduling Work?

J-term’s forecasting method is supposed to be a better way to get the classes you want.

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Does Arena Scheduling Work?

Kaitlin Wood, Reporter

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The bell rings letting everyone out of the second period on a cold December morning. Everyone itching to rush off and sign up for their J-term classes in hopes of making the class cutoffs.

J-term is known as a month-long break from the normal semesters that allows the school to offer classes that can’t be offered during the regular semester. It also provides people who are failing their core classes to make it up during J-term instead of having to make it up over a semester.

Before J-term kicks off in January you have to sign up for your three classes in a process called arena scheduling. In theory, everyone hops in line for the teacher teaching their first choice and if they don’t make the cut off they move on to their second and third options. After signing up for your first-period class you get in line for the next class period. Each class offered has a limit as to how many students can sign up for it so most people end up getting their second or third choices instead of their first.

Everyone wins, everyone loses.”

— Junior Anna Nemirovsky

Arena scheduling sounds like a good method at first but it does have some flaws. One of the flaws of arena scheduling is that after everyone is all lined up waiting to sign up for their next class they do the count off. By that time almost all of the lines have reached their max meaning that people who get cut off are stuck trying to find a class that they might not have even wanted. Another flaw is that based off of where your starting classroom is you could either be closer or farther away from both the cafeteria and gym affecting how fast you get to your first choice.

Arena scheduling is a method of forecasting that favors people who can get to their class line first.

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Does Arena Scheduling Work?