What the Fork is Up With This Place?

From their wacky schedule to their killer bento what’s not to love about local Scappoose business Fork’d

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What the Fork is Up With This Place?

Emma Kessi, Reporter

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You may have noticed in Scappoose a restaurant tucked up against the highway named Fork’d. Some find themselves wondering what this place is all about.

The sunlight streams in through the sheer ivory curtains onto the five tables arranged around the perimeter of the restaurant. The shop is small but the atmosphere is warm and inviting with an aroma of home cooked food surrounding you and making you hungrier than you already were. The affordable menu is short but sweet, dishes including, breakfast burritos, soups, bento bowls, and sandwiches.

Fork’d is run by a mother and daughter duo who greet customers with contagious smiles and warm hearts. When asked how they got into the restaurant business, mother Kathy Young said,  “We worked here when it was Cafe 30… when the owners said they were done… I said I don’t want to find a new job and my daughters said, “Let’s just stay here and revamp the place a bit”, so that’s what we did.”

Young and her two daughters established Fork’d in June of 2012 and it has been quite popular ever since. The name Fork’d was thought up by one of Young’s daughters Amanda Drak. Young says that Drak was just trying to think of a name that would stick in someone’s head, so when the name Fork’d came up they knew pretty quick that was going to be the name of their new restaurant.

Most of the Fork’d customers are regulars, people exactly like a man sitting next to us named Rick. He has been coming to the restaurant since it was still called Cafe 30, “I’ve been here since the beginning back in ‘05.”

Young says that the Hawaiian box, which includes chicken, pineapple, teriyaki sauce, and rice, has been a crowd favorite ever since it was introduced even though she admittedly likes the Combo bento the best which consists of steamed veggies, rice, and chicken.

Young says why her daughter Janet Cook and her keep doing what they are doing is because they want to provide cheap, healthy meals to working-class families. “I raised my kids here in this town, so to me, it really matters that there is someplace inexpensive where you can take your kids. Just the Average Joe working at a grocery store making $12 an hour might not be able to take their family out to eat and that’s why we try to stay here and keep our prices down and keep it healthy. We just like to be here for the locals.” Young says.

The restaurant is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 2 pm then again from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. When asked about the unusual schedule Young says “We switched to this schedule because at the time my mother, who was suffering from dementia, was living with us, so I would take a break in the middle of the day and go home and have cookies and talk with her because she needed it and after a while I noticed that money wise it didn’t really matter if we were open or not so after my mom was gone I said well keep it like this because we don’t get any business anyway.” Young also says that now since she is getting older the little break in her schedule gives her time to go home and rest a bit or even run some errands.

Although both Young and Cook had never had any experience running a business they seem to have taken on the extra duties pretty effortlessly “We live together, we work together, we have a lot of fun”

If you want to stop by and grab a bite to eat or even just say hi to Kathy and Janet you can find Fork’d located on Highway 30 snuggled right in between Scappoose Wauna Credit Union and Chevron. Or you can get ahold of them during business hours on the phone at (503) 543-5030.

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  1. Georgia Jory on December 14th, 2018 4:09 pm

    Love this piece! You guys are doing a great job, glad to see your hard work.

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What the Fork is Up With This Place?