Scappoose Powerlifting Dominates Competition

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Scappoose Powerlifting Dominates Competition

Aurora Stanley, Reporter

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Scappoose Boys and girls Powerlifting competed this past Saturday at Central High School in their first competition. Scappoose as a whole won the team competition. Our boys Powerlifting won first in the 11/12 grade division, and second in the 9/10 grade division. Our girls team really took off, of the five girls that went four received individual titles, and as a whole they placed second in the division. With more competitions coming up in June and possibly April, this one sets a hopeful tone for future competitions.

Female Powerlifter Anika Havlik (who won first in her weight class) said “The competition was really fun. We did three lifts, we did bench, squat, and clean. Overall it was a great experience. I would definitely do it again, I would definitely encourage everyone who is interested to join, as a team all the girls either placed first or second, we could have won the whole thing as a team if we had more people.”

Etosha Lopez (who placed second in her weight class) said “I thought I was going to do terrible, but it is actually really empowering, especially if you are a smaller sized girl to go out there and compete. Because a lot of people expect you to not do very good. And Nowlin is a great coach, who helps us with a lot of stuff. And I think if we had more numbers, like Ani said, then we could have won because every girl except myself got first place.”

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Scappoose Powerlifting Dominates Competition