Dance Team Q & A with Team Captain Hannah Darco

A Small Look Into SHS’s Dance Family

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Dance Team Q & A with Team Captain Hannah Darco

Aurora Stanley

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SHS dance team at state competition

So how long have you been doing dance and what teams have you been apart of? “This is my third year on the high school dance team, and I have been doing club teams since I was 2. I was at OPIS out in St. Helens, but sophomore year I decided to come and join the dance team.”

What seniors are on Dance team this year? “This year it was myself, I was the captain, we had Ashlyn Briscoe, CJ Vaughn, Erika Ceja, and Bimon Boonyanoon, and they were all the senior leaders because they were all brand new.”

Why was this years dance team almost entirely new? “So we had 5 seniors leave last year who were on our team team, and two cheer seniors who joined just for state. And then everyone else just quit and decided not to come back, this year we had three returning members with myself being the only one was was here since tryouts.”

How did you guys do at State? “We actually did really well, better than I expected, we had a brand new team this year and were in a brand new division up against people who have competed in this division forever. And we got 9th out of 12.”

What reasons would you say are why you did so good? “Since we were so new we didn’t really know what to expect, and since everyone was so new we just kinda like, clicked and bonded super well and we were all just like one big family. So it wasn’t like we were trying to compete with each other, or trying to beat everyone. We were just dancing to dance and to have fun. So I think that is why we did so well, we just put all of our love and our energy that we had for each other out on the floor.”

Hannah Darco mid jump at state competition

How often do you guys practice? “Oh, lordy! That one varies, so we practice on a typical non-competition week we practice 3-4 days a week at 2 ½ to three hour nights. Usually from around 6 to 9. On competition week, everyday Monday-Friday we practice from 6 to 9, and sometimes we go over. For Saturdays on competition days that is like 12-15 hours of dance, we get here practicing at the highschool around 5 or 6, and then we don’t get home until 6 or 7 from the competition.”

What are some bonding experiences/stories from any years in dance that are important to you? “This year was my favorite bonding experience, everyone was new and it was an opportunity for us to create our own traditions and our own things we did as a team, in the previous years when you first joined the team it was ‘oh you have do all these traditions we do and these are the things we have’, this year nobody knew the old traditions so we made up our own thing, so we got to do it as a team, we got to do everything as a team so we were all really connected.”