The Importance of Outdoor School

Counselors run around to keep 6th graders in line at Cedar Ridge

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The Importance of Outdoor School

Photo Credit: Emma Kessi

Photo Credit: Emma Kessi

Photo Credit: Emma Kessi

Photo Credit: Emma Kessi

Kilee Nelson

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Only six people from SHS participated in Outdoor school at camp Cedar Ridge from March 11-15

More students from our school should be involved with this fascinating program, but less and less people are joining each year.

Outdoor school is a fun and exciting  place where kids get to learn about nature. We do field studies where high schoolers’ counselors get to teach six graders how nature works like what happens in the inside of a trees.

Full time Cedar Ridge staff member Boulder (sorry I didn’t ever learn his real name) says that while he enjoys working with high school kids, he looks forward to getting to know the elementary students each year.

“The best part about being here is when the kids are here,” he said. And I agree.

These kids get a chance to step outside their comfort zone, express themselves in a new environment, and most importantly have fun.

Cedar Ridge is an amazing program that helps kids (and high schoolers too) develop new skills, such as making friends, communication, and much more. Most of the students are in sixth grade and spend their time playing games, singing songs and making new friends. High school counselors get to develop close relations with other teens, learn leadership skills, and learn how to teach kids, play games, sing songs and have fun.

When I was a student leader, I made lots of good memories. My favorite memory is when all the sixth graders went to bed we got to meet in the dining hall, all the student leaders got to play games and eat all the leftover desert. That was a really fun moment for me because it brought me closer to other student leaders and other high schoolers from other schools. We talked about how our day went while eating rice crispy treats and blueberry muffins.

Not only do the counselors come home great memories when the camp is finished but the sixth graders also make memories that will last a lifetime too.

My aunt, told me that when she want to outdoor school as a student she remembers everything about it and she loved it. She still from this day tells me about all the songs she sang and how her cabin did a funny skit.  She remembers meeting new kids from other schools and also how she had so much fun at the camp when she left, she cried because she didn’t want to go home.

What the students will remember the most is YOU!

It is very important that students volunteer because without the high school students the program would not be able to exist. Younger students at the camp appreciate the dedication of the older student leaders and cherish the memories.

Cedar Ridge camp is such an exciting place to be and is in need of more recruits. If your interested then you can see Mrs. Darlak and she will give you the paper you need to get started. It is such an enriching experience for all ages.

Slice, a camp staff member sums it up best best though “You are never to old to go to outdoor school, and I’m proof of that.”