Preschool Palace soon will be a Full-Time School

PCC is partnering with Preschool Palace to give full time classes for preschoolers and dual credit for high school helpers.

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Preschool Palace soon will be a Full-Time School

Kilee Nelson

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Next September, Preschool Palace, which is currently split into two classes (a morning and an afternoon) and partially funded by a Perkins Grant through Portland Community College (PCC) will become a full time preschool so that students can get more comprehensive training, free college credit, and be in compliance with PCC rules and state regulations.

It’s been a long journey for, preschool teacher Tara Adams and the students to work and create the possibility of opening a full time preschool a reality.

Adams is very excited about the preschool becoming full time because it will overall improve the program

It will allow more benefits for both preschoolers and high schoolers that will continue to be in the program in the upcoming year. Preschoolers now will be able to have the full benefits of school, they will get to eat lunch at school and also have snack, they will have nap time, and they will have a lot more time to learn from play.

Mrs. Adams also mentioned that this is a benefit because,  “Preschoolers do not learn best through worksheets and drills. They learn through play and projects. With only two hours a day it is tough to teach them without drills or worksheets. With a fuller day we can guide them through their learning in a more developmentally appropriate way.”

It is Important that the children get a lot of time to play because the preschool is leaning towards a Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy. Reggio Emilia inspired education is play based education with a focus on cooperative learning. It’s all hands on learning which is very important for early childhood development. Another part of being Reggio Emilia inspired, is that all the preschoolers work is document (through photographs) to make learning visible it gives them a chance to reflect over there own learning overtime.  

This course will also help students who want to become early childhood educators or those planning on working will kids at all in the future. It will also help them get more organized with teaching, be able to become CPR registered, be able to have a food handlers card (through the Oregon Registry), and earn high school credits as well as dual credit through PCC.

Ms. Adams says that students may earn up to nine credits if they participate at the highest levels both their senior and junior years.

PCC has guidelines that the the preschool has to follow and meet the requirements ( such as a  syllabi and the classes to be taught the same way as their classes on campus) PCC comes and checks on the classroom once in a while to make sure those guidelines our being followed.

We work with a PCC Dual Credit Liaison who comes out and does observation and checks all my work and if I am alignment with standards.”

students put together portfolios and complete exams based on the PCC syllabi. Adams grades them and report the grades to PCC.”

PCC also partially funds the program and would like to see the preschool meet the state requirement and best practice of having a teaching assistant. For every 10 preschoolers there needs to be an adult on site. If there are 20 preschoolers there needs to be two  teachers (Mrs. Adams and a teaching assistant).

The preschool is also moving towards aligning with the requirements of Preschool Promise which is a state funding source that could help pay for a teaching assistant. That would require 900 hours of preschool attendance a year.

The preschool becoming full time is almost a reality and it’s very exciting.

Mrs.  Adams expresses her feelings about the best part of the preschool in the next coming year.

“The most exciting part about the preschool becoming full time is the change in the rhythm in the day. Kids learn through the best through sustain play. Kids learn through the best through sustained play and projects worked on over time. They will have more opportunities to have to play and have more time to complete projects .”