Is Apple is better than Samsung?

Apple is superior to Samsung, here's why.

Henry Goldammer, Reporter

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            With the rise of Apple and Samsung debate among consumers has rise over which product is better. Both companies make different items, but they share and compete for dominance of the cell phone market. While Apple makes iPhones, Samsung makes the Galaxy.

          As a whole Apple is the superior cell phone producer as it provides a longer battery life, more convenience with linking devices to better share information, as well as instant messaging and video chatting options such as facetime and iMessage.

         Personally I like Apple for multiple reasons. I think that it has a great battery, glitches less than Samsung, and since a majority of people have iPhones, it is easy to use the facetime feature that only people with Apple devices can do, along with instant iMessaging. I also have a MacBook that I can text from and that all of my photos and contacts sync to. This makes a compelling case for Apple as the only cons to having an iPhone is not having expandable storage, which can easily remedied by connecting to iCloud. The camera is good enough for me at 12 megapixels, and not having a headphone jack hasn’t made a negligible difference with the rise of wireless headphones.

         One of Apple’s main strong points is convenience, it’s simple with a home button and volume/power buttons. And easy to use functions that make having a smartphone that much more convenient, such as linking all your information to one personal account. Apple is friendly and easy to use while also maintaining quality. Apple’s newest Phone X is at $999, and claims to have an all day battery, meaning up to 15 hours of internet/social media use and 25 hours of talking.

            But it isn’t all about the specs. Some people just like the way Apple runs, the layout and the simplicity to having an iPhone and all of Apple’s products. I did a poll in 4 random classes in A hall where students stated which phone type they used, Apple or Samsung.

Scappoose Sophomore Wyatt Earp, who owns a Samsung said, “I want an iPhone, Samsung sucks, the only reason I have a Samsung is because it’s what my parents pay for.”

SHS Junior Brisyn Maller, who also owns a Samsung phone says “If I were to get a new phone, I would probably buy an iPhone”. He feels that he is an odd one out with his Samsung and that he would enjoy the perks of an iPhone.

Scappoose Junior Emma Jones, who owns an iPhone likes it because she thinks it’s “cooler”, but also because it is in her opinion “more efficient”, and she loves that if her battery starts to die, there’s always someone with an iPhone charger.

It is good for consumers that there are Samsung people and Apple people. It provides competition, in order to stay on top they both have to keep trying to do better than the other. This makes it so that no one will have a monopoly over the phone market, and consumers are getting a more quality product.

          Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion on what phones they like more, I think that Apple is better, and that even some Samsung users would prefer an iPhone. According to the poll taken, most of SHS would agree that Apple is better than Samsung based on the number of students having an iPhone.