SHS Blocks Snapchat

Students have suddenly found their favorite apps won't connect, what's going on?

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SHS Blocks Snapchat

Henry Goldammer and Tosha Lopez

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On Monday, May 13, SHS Students who attempted to send messages via the popular messaging app Snapchat quickly realized that their snaps wouldn’t send, apparently due to the school blocking Snapchat on the school wifi.

School Secretaries Tina Gift, Jami Schmid, and Principal Jim Jones all said they were unaware that this had happened.

Lead Technology Specialist, Teresa Huff stated that she was responsible for the change. ”It just happened, so I haven’t really had an opportunity to notify anyone. [Snapchat] was already blocked at the K-6 level, so it just this morning was blocked [at the high school level]. I just haven’t had the opportunity to send anything out.”

Huff explained that it was blocked because the Snapchat does not have an educational purpose.“There really isn’t any reason for it besides being social. And there have been issues in the past [with Snapchat] and it has been a distraction.”

Huff is the staff member who makes the decisions on what gets blocked. She said, “this is based on parent input, and other districts, like what they’re blocking.” Another reason that it was blocked is that ”we need to ask ourselves, does it have an educational purpose?” If not then the answer to this question is simple, the app or website can only be a distraction, and if it proves to be so in classroom settings then it should be blocked from school servers.

Now, obviously, Snapchat has no true educational purpose whatsoever and is more of a distraction in class. If they are trying to eliminate phone use in classes then that makes sense.

But many students are finding ways to get around such blocks. Students can download a VPN. This bypasses anything that your network provider may have blocked. Most give you a free trial, but then you have to pay monthly. The other way around it is just to use your own mobile data, and those with unlimited data can utilize the feature of mobile hotspots to share their data with peers.