Scappoose senior breaks 4 of 6 school records

4 of 6 school records has been broken by one girl. Her name is Eimileanne Manuel.

Sariah Napa'a, Reporter

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It all started in her sophomore year when Eimileanne Manuel took Women’s Weight Training. After discovering that she could deadlift 315 pounds, squat 200 pounds and bench 75 pounds, the weight training teacher Ms. Whitney Scott, suggested that Manuel talk to Mr. Nowlin about Powerlifting. Manuel accepted the challenge.

As a senior, Manuel’s progress is evident. Her squat is almost 400 lbs and her bench is 165 lbs. Throughout her time in high school, she has broken 4 out of 6 school records for powerlifting. Her 165 lb bench, 380 lb squat, 115 lb snatch, 155 lb clean & jerk all stand as school records. The only two lifts she has yet to claim are clean and deadlift.

Manuel was able to accomplish all of this with a rigorous workout regimen. “For a while I was in the weight room for 15 hours a week. I’d be in there for advanced sports training and then I’d go back after school. Now I don’t go in as much. During J-term I took the Olympic Weightlifting class because duh. We were in there for an hour and a half. All we did was lift four times a week and then we did league stretching. Now, I have advanced sports training, so I just lift three time a week”.

When asked about who motivates her to do her best, Manuel started to tear up. “The guys in the weightroom I train with basically. My parents aren’t too supportive of it and my friends don’t really care. We had a really good group of guys in the olympic class and they were really funny and great to workout with. That’s about it, just the people who are already there through the program. They like really push me to do my best, but when it comes to people outside of the weightroom, they don’t really know what it’s like to be in there. They just think that it’s kinda stupid.”

Manuel’s face lit up when she was asked how was Nowlin as a coach. “Literally the best! He is like my dad, I’m not even kidding. I have him in my phone as my second dad because I can literally talk to him about everything and anything. You can even ask him. Nowlin is really great, I have never really had a coach who was understanding and is like really wanting to work with you as an individual and I really love that. He knows exactly what I need to do to make myself better and knows exactly what to say when I’m like not feeling it. I get mad when I can’t do something. I get super upset when I can’t get my clean done or I can’t do my snatch right. So, he knows exactly what to say to lift that mood and get me back into the groove”.

It is almost time for Manuel to graduate school and move on with her life. Aside from going to college and get a degree, she has something else in mind. Manuel is currently trying to find a program where she can do some Olympic lifting. Unfortunately, the state of Oregon and the OSAA doesn’t fund any sort of heavy lifting a sport due to risks of serious injuries. Manuel wasn’t going to give up so easily. Later on, She found out that she can do olympic lifting through USA Weightlifting. Let’s her luck on her journey.