Parking lot problems

The Scappoose High School Parking lot is a nightmare, and with no one actually using it properly, it can cause a lot of problems

Morgan Hall, Reporter

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Morgan Hall-Arts and Entertainment Editor

Most people, like myself, deal with the school parking lots at SHS on a daily basis. They are poorly designed and no one knows quite how to use them.

Now let’s talk about the upper parking lot. First off, kids drive way too fast in the morning and after school. I should know. I myself have gotten in an accident in that parking lot.

But by far the worst thing about the upper parking lot is leaving after school gets out. Everyone rushes to get to their car, hoping that they can get out before the parents and buses start blocking their path. There are two paths to get out of the parking lot, one to go right and one to go left. Most students know this from experience and common knowledge, parents however, do not.

Parents aren’t supposed to pick up their kids in the upper parking lot in the first place, that is what the lower parking lot by the auditorium is for.  Secondly, there is no reason why parents should be making one line out of the parking lot, it wastes time and it leaves other parents with the impression to do the same.  “Parents just don’t know how to use it.” said SHS Senior Kaitlyn Bakkensen.

In the morning, parents think that there are no rules and that they can drop their kids off anywhere. The worst is when they stop at the cross walk between the High School and Grant Watts. It’s not a drop off area. It is a stop sign and once you stop you should keep on moving. Dropping your kids there is just going to slowdown the rest of the line, and maybe if no one did it, there wouldn’t be a need to do so.

Now if a student wants to turn left out the parking lot after school, good luck. You’ll end up sitting there in line for ten minutes until everyone else coming from the lower parking lot has left. Also if you know you are turning left or right out of the parking lot, park on the corresponding side so that way you don’t have to cross traffic and make everyone mad at you in the process. “The whole leaving situation is bad enough, it took me thirty minutes to get out of the parking lot yesterday.” said senior Megan Dews.

What ends up happening is if you need to get on highway 30 to get home, you have to turn right out of the parking lot and take the back roads to another stop light. Before and after school, the parking lots at Scappoose High school are a design nightmare.

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Parking lot problems